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With over three decades of expertise, we specialize in state-of-the-art security and technology solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of dynamic industries like self storage facilities

From advanced surveillance systems to robust access control, our custom solutions are designed to protect your assets and enhance operational efficiency. Secure your facility’s future with OMNI Technology Services – where your safety and success are our top priorities.

Service Offering

Video Surveillance: Essential for overseeing self-storage facilities. Video surveillance not only deters theft and vandalism but also ensures adherence to self-storage industry standards. It provides indisputable evidence in case of disputes over damage, employee misconduct, or other unauthorized activities.

Intrusion Alarm: Notifies staff of unauthorized access, especially in critical areas like high-value storage units or equipment rooms. Enhances overall security, and is typically required to comply with self-storage industry regulations.

Access Control: Manages entry to restricted areas, ensuring that only authorized personnel and renters can access specific units or sections of the facility. This is crucial for protecting clients’ belongings and sensitive facility areas, as well as for maintaining regulatory compliance.

Fire Alarm: Crucial for early fire detection to protect stored items, staff, and customers. Every second counts in the event of a fire; make sure your facility’s fire alarm system is up to code and operating effectively.

Audio/Video: Supports communication and security, offering ways to enhance the renter experience and assist in staff training, including the use of digital signage and surveillance footage review.

Structured Cabling: Supports the IT infrastructure of the self-storage facility, ensuring reliable connectivity for security systems, payment and booking systems, and customer service networks.

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