Video Intercom has always been an important element in visitor verification at businesses, multi-tenant buildings, and single-family residences alike.  The importance of these systems has been magnified by the evolving concerns pertaining to the COVID-19 virus, as it is critical to know who wants to enter the building.

OMNI Technology Services now offers a unique take on video intercom, using a trusted product they have been installing for years.  Their intercom panels contain inputs and outputs that are traditionally used to connect the system to a number of external devices.  Thinking outside the box, the expert team at OMNI Technology Services has repurposed those to involve wave sensors and automatic door operators.  Business Development Manager, Tyler Dickson, was asked to explain how this works:

If you have an existing IP intercom at your facility, it could be as simple as adding the sensor and door operator to accomplish this solution

“The visitor no longer has to press a button to initiate the call from outside.  They simply wave their hand at the sensor and the person inside is notified.  At that point, the person inside can see and speak to the visitor, as well as activate the door opener, so that the visitor does not make contact with the door.  This is truly a game-changer.”