OMNI Technology Services, with ramped up sales activity, has closed the lead-time gap for Fever Detection technology cameras to two weeks.  “Most companies are promising 6-8 weeks delivery lead times” said company CEO Chris Pratt.  “We have crushed that time to 2 weeks for our customers” he said.

Fever Detection cameras use thermal video technology to detect body surface temperatures to within .5 degrees.

“This is a non-contact technology that can detect elevated temperatures from a safe distance of 15 feet away” Pratt said.  This camera unit has a high throughput of 100 people per minute and can detect a fever in a group.  Once a temperature above a pre-set limit (100 degrees for example) is detected, an alarm is created and the person with the fever can be diverted for further action.

The easy-to-use unit comes in a kit with a tripod and external video monitor for screeners to easily view at a safe distance.