Solving challenges is what we do at OMNI Technology Services and our Visitor Management Systems are tailored and scalable to meet whatever your need level is.

During the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond, we continue to find solutions to new challenges and the adoption strategies facing business and building managers.

OMNI Technology Services’ transformative Visitor Management System is no exception.  It is a platform that spans the entire visit cycle creating simple experiences for visitors and their hosts.

Pre-Registration offers a simple invitation creation and visitor approval process while providing proactive security with watchlist screening.

The seamless on-site experience, via iPad, helps visitors choose their preferred language, scan their identification, sign documents such as NDAs or health clearance questionnaires, agree to safety and emergency protocols, print a visitor badge and quickly meet their building escort or host.

The data helps to accurately understand who is on-site, whether it is visitors, vendors, contractors or shareholders. 

Welcome visitors with your company branding and create a memorable atmosphere of safety and productivity.