OMNI Building Services is nearing completion with the expansion project for the OMNI Technology Services headquarters building at 115 Newport Ave, Pawtucket. This renovation project will introduce several exciting new features to the building, including two additional offices, a room dedicated to printing and viewing floor plans, and a renovated vestibule.

The two new offices will provide additional workspaces for OMNI Technology Services employees. The company’s headcount is steadily on the rise and the need for more space to foster collaboration and teamwork was essential.

The renovation of the vestibule will give visitors a better first impression of OMNI Technology Services. It will have modern lighting and finishes, creating a more inviting atmosphere that reflects the company’s commitment to providing a high-quality and professional service. This will help to strengthen OMNI Technology Services’ reputation among their clients and stakeholders.

Overall, the project for the OMNI Technology Services headquarters is a significant upgrade for the company. It will provide more space and resources for their employees, increase efficiency, and create a more professional and welcoming environment for visitors. The project also demonstrates OMNI Technology Services’ commitment to investing in their facilities and providing their clients with the best possible service.