Restaurant & Retail

OMNI Technology Services is at the forefront of providing support to New England’s restaurants and retail stores. With our deep-rooted expertise in advanced security and technology, we understand and adapt to the challenges presented by these dynamic industries.

Both restaurants and retail stores encounter specific challenges, such as adhering to stringent health and safety standards and ensuring the security of their products and premises. OMNI’s state-of-the-art security solutions, including sophisticated surveillance and access control systems, offer the comprehensive protection required by these businesses. 

By offering customized solutions, OMNI Technology Services assists these establishments in enhancing operational efficiency, securing their premises, and maintaining compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Omni Technology is a proud Certified Solutions Provider for DUNKIN‘ and services over 500 locations.

Retailers in Rhode Island lost approximately $244 million in revenue due to theft in 2022.

Service Offering

Video Surveillance: Key for overseeing restaurant kitchens and retail store floors. Video cameras not only help prevent theft but also assist in following health and safety rules. They provide important proof in case of accidents, employee misconduct, or other incidents.

Intrusion Alarm:  Alerts staff to any unauthorized entry, especially in important areas like stock rooms or cash registers. It boosts overall safety and is often required by store and restaurant franchise guidelines.

Access Control:  Controls who can enter certain areas, and at what time, making sure only authorized staff are permitted. Access control is also required by some regulatory bodies for the restaurant industry.

Fire Alarm: Vital for early fire detection and protecting products, staff, and customers. Every second is priceless in the event of a fire, ensure your business’s fire system is up to code and operating at its fullest potential.

Audio/Video: Supports communication, staff training, and enhances customer experience from implementations such as live TV, menu boards and ambient music.

Structured Cabling: Underpins the IT infrastructure, ensuring reliable connectivity for all systems, from inventory management to security networks to guest WIFI. 

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