Industries Served

With decades of experience, OMNI Technology Services has been designing, installing, and servicing security systems in virtually every type of space. As a leading provider of security and technology solutions for many high-profile industries with complex security needs, we understand that each industry has unique challenges.  

From hospitals and office buildings, to government buildings and cannabis cultivation sites, OMNI Technology Services will design and provide the security and technology solution that fits your need, and your budget.


Our deep knowledge of the cannabis industry’s unique demands, combined with an understanding of state and local cannabis regulations, allows us to provide cost-effective solutions that safeguard these essential sites. In a market where compliance with stringent standards, such as those set by the Cannabis Control Commission, is paramount, OMNI Technology Services ensures that your facility not only meets but exceeds these security expectations.


OMNI Technology Services understands the unique challenges faced by the hospitality industry. We offer tailored solutions to ensure your guests experience unparalleled comfort and security. From innovative security systems to efficient resource management, we help hotels and hospitality businesses focus on what they do best: providing exceptional guest experiences. Trust OMNI to handle the technical details, so you can create a welcoming and safe environment for your guests.


With evolving risks and security threats in educational facilities, OMNI Technology Services remains committed to providing cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions to ensure education and learning is the singular focus in an academic environment. At OMNI Technology Services, we provide everything from security consulting and risk assessments, to comprehensive security system integration.


Intrusion detection, alarms, and video surveillance are just some of the technologies available to retail establishments that ensure safety, security, and protection of profits and people. In retail locations, it is critical to have your electronic security systems operational at all times. OMNI Technology Services has the staff and resources to respond quickly and keep your establishment secure.


Hospitals, medical offices, and clinics present unique security and technology environments. OMNI Technology Services protects people, patients, and facilities through cutting-edge access control systems and video surveillance technology. These facilities require 24/7 operational support and we have the resources to deliver in these critical environments.

Commercial Offices

For property managers and owner-operators, security must be top of mind at all times. Security is a dynamic and changing aspect of real estate operations and must remain a priority. At OMNI Technology Services, we have decades of experience analyzing risks, understanding vulnerabilities, and providing cost-effective solutions to ensure maximum security. Our offering includes video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, visitor management systems, and much more.


For manufacturing entities striving to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving realm of industrial security, OMNI’s depth of experience and ability to provide tailored solutions render it an essential partner in addressing the complex security and technological requirements of the manufacturing sector.


For dealerships and service centers seeking to enhance their security and technological edge in the fast-paced automotive market, OMNI’s wealth of experience and ability to deliver personalized solutions make it an indispensable partner for meeting the sophisticated demands of the automotive industry.

Self Storage

For storage businesses aiming to stay ahead in the constantly changing landscape of security and technology, OMNI’s extensive experience and capacity to offer customized solutions make it a vital ally in tackling the intricate security and technology needs of the self-storage industry.

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