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In the fast-paced environment of the hospitality industry, security and efficient technology management are critical. Hotels often struggle with ensuring the safety of guests and staff, managing access to different areas, and maintaining efficient communication systems. OMNI addresses these pain points by offering customized solutions such as advanced access control systems, state-of-the-art surveillance, and robust networking capabilities. These solutions are designed not only to enhance security but also to streamline operations, allowing hotels to focus more on providing excellent guest experiences.

By choosing OMNI Technology Services, hotels and other hospitality businesses can rely on a trusted partner to handle the technical aspects while they create a safe and welcoming environment for their guests​

65% of hotels have been victim of at least one theft incident since 2004

Service Offering

Video Surveillance:  Cameras are essential for monitoring guest and employee safety, securing sensitive areas like cash counters or storage rooms, and deterring unauthorized access. They offer real-time oversight, enhancing security throughout the premises.

Intrusion Alarm:  Alarms alerts staff to unauthorized access, particularly important in areas like the safe room or guest private areas. Enhances overall security of the property.

Access Control: How do you keep hundreds of guests right where they are supposed to be? Access Control. Aside from guest rooms, access control can be used to manage entry to restricted areas like staff-only zones, ensuring only authorized personnel have access. These systems are crucial for maintaining guest privacy and security.

Fire Alarm: There is no room for failure when it comes to hotel fire alarm systems. Early fire detection, ensures the safety of guests, visitors, and staff, and facilitates prompt evacuation procedures.

Audio/Video: A/V integrations are key for effective communication within the hotel, enhancing guest services like in-room entertainment, supporting staff training, and enabling efficient administrative meetings.

Structured Cabling:  The backbone of a hotel’s IT infrastructure, ensuring reliable and organized connectivity for all critical systems, from guest service management to security operations.


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