Healthcare & Hospitals

OMNI Technology Services offers specialized security and technology solutions tailored for healthcare facilities and hospitals. In these environments, the safety of patients, staff, and sensitive medical information is paramount. OMNI’s state-of-the-art access control systems ensure that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas, protecting both patients and confidential data. Additionally, advanced video surveillance technology offers real-time monitoring, enhancing overall security and patient safety.

Healthcare facilities require robust and reliable technology solutions due to their 24/7 operational needs. OMNI’s expertise in networking and system integration ensures that critical healthcare infrastructure remains interconnected and efficient. This seamless integration of technology aids in streamlining patient care processes and enhances the overall functionality of medical facilities.

Understanding the unique challenges of the healthcare sector, OMNI delivers customized solutions that prioritize the security, efficiency, and reliability of healthcare operations. 

Healthcare workers are 5X more likely to experience workplace incidents compared to other industries.

Service Offering

Video Surveillance: In hospitals, video surveillance is crucial for monitoring patient & employee safety, securing sensitive areas, and deterring unauthorized access. It offers real-time oversight across large facilities, ensuring patient and staff security.

Intrusion Alarm: An intrusion alarm system in healthcare settings is vital for alerting staff to unauthorized access, especially in restricted areas like medication storage or patient records. This enhances the overall security of the facility.

Access Control: Access control systems in hospitals manage entry to sensitive areas, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access. This is essential for maintaining patient privacy and safeguarding restricted zones like operating rooms or labs.

Fire Alarm: Fire alarms are indispensable in healthcare facilities for the early detection of fires, ensuring the safety of patients, visitors, and staff, and facilitating prompt evacuation procedures.

Audio/Video: In healthcare facilities, audio/video systems are key for effective communication. They enhance patient care through telemedicine, support staff training, and enable efficient administrative meetings.

Structured Cabling: Structured cabling is the backbone of a hospital’s IT infrastructure. It ensures reliable and organized connectivity for all critical systems, supporting everything from patient record management to life-saving medical equipment.


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