Throughout our decades of experience, we often hear from our clients in the automotive industry that they have a recurring problem with theft or vandalism off-hours. The ideal car lot security solution looks something like this.

  1. Perimeter Protection Using Thermal Cameras 
    Thermal cameras offer intrusion and video surveillance functionality in one device. These cameras, when strategically located along the perimeter or fence line of the property, will detect any movement onto the lot during off-hours. Through proper programming, these cameras can trigger an alarm, send you an alert, and record video of the motion.
  1. Video Surveillance LPR 
    License Plate Recognition is an analytic feature that most IP camera lines offer today. An important part of holding an intruder accountable is providing the authorities with the most information possible. A license plate number can go a long way toward catching the bad guy. More advanced systems can record the license plate information and send you notifications based on a predetermined blacklist.

  1. Video Surveillance with Talk-Down 
    We understand that many auto dealers welcome off-hours visitors. After all, not everybody has bad intentions….some may want to check out the inventory while considering a purchase. For this reason, we have designed a video surveillance solution that can detect motion on the lot and deliver an audio message through the integration of IP speakers. You may want a recording to say, “Please feel free to roam the lot, but note that you are under video surveillance”. Or, if you prefer nobody enters the property, the message could say “Thank you for visiting, but we are currently closed. Please leave the property before the police are notified”. As you can imagine, this works wonders when it comes to deterring theft or vandalism.

As you can tell, OMNI Technology Services has put lots of thought into the concerns you face.
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