Cannabis Cultivation & Dispensaries

OMNI Technology Services was one of the first security firms to support New England’s cannabis dispensaries and cultivation farms. Our expertise in advanced security & technology, honed since 1989, is essential for this rapidly evolving industry.

Cannabis businesses face unique challenges, such as strict compliance regulations from the CCC (Cannabis Control Commission), and the need for secure storage, and protection of additional valuable assets. OMNI’s state-of-the-art security systems, including surveillance and access control, provide the robust protection these businesses require.

By customizing solutions to meet specific needs, OMNI helps cannabis operations enhance efficiency, safeguard their facilities, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

40% of cannabis compliance infractions are security & surveillance related.

Service Offering

Video Surveillance: Essential for monitoring grow facilities and retail cannabis stores. Video surveillance not only deters theft, and ensures compliance with CCC regulations, it also provides valuable evidence against injury claims, employee theft, and other unwarranted activity.

Intrusion Alarm: Alerts staff to unauthorized access, particularly in sensitive areas like storage of cannabis products. Enhances overall security, and is a requirement for most cannabis regulatory bodies.

Access Control: Manages entry to restricted areas, ensuring only authorized personnel have access. This is critical for maintaining product security and regulatory compliance.

Fire Alarm: Vital for early fire detection and protecting products, staff, and customers. Every second is priceless in the event of a fire, ensure your business’s fire system is up to code and operating at its fullest potential.

Audio/Video: Supports communication, staff training, and enhances customer experience from implementations such as menu boards.

Structured Cabling: Underpins the IT infrastructure, ensuring reliable connectivity for all systems, from inventory management to security networks.

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