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With over three decades of expertise, we specialize in state-of-the-art security and technology solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of dynamic industries like automotive dealers.

From advanced surveillance systems to robust access control, our custom solutions are designed to protect your assets and enhance operational efficiency. Secure your dealership’s future with OMNI Technology Services – where your safety and success are our top priorities.

According to FBI data, there were nearly 12,000 cases of motor vehicle theft at dealerships in 2022 alone.

Service Offering

Video Surveillance: Crucial for monitoring auto dealers, including showrooms and service areas. Video surveillance not only prevents theft and vandalism but also helps ensure compliance with automotive industry regulations. It offers concrete evidence in case of disputes over damages, employee misconduct, or other unwanted activities.

Intrusion Alarm: Alerts staff to unauthorized entry, especially in critical zones like vehicle storage or parts inventory. Boosts overall security, and is often a necessity for meeting auto industry standards.

Access Control: Regulates entry to private areas, guaranteeing that only approved staff can access certain sections of the dealership. This is essential for safeguarding vehicles, parts, and sensitive information, as well as for adhering to industry regulations.

Fire Alarm: Key for early detection of fires, safeguarding inventory, employees, and customers alike. In the event of a fire, every moment matters; ensure your dealership’s fire alarm system meets current codes and functions at peak efficiency.

Audio/Video: Facilitates communication, employee training, and enriches the customer experience through features like digital displays and sound systems.

Structured Cabling: The foundation of the dealership’s IT framework, providing dependable connectivity for all systems, from sales and inventory management to security networks.

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