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OMNI Resource Management has been a pioneer in supporting New England educational institutions. Since 1989, our expertise in advanced technology and security has been vital for the ever-changing educational sector.

Schools and other academic facilities face unique challenges, including strict adherence to educational standards and the need for consistent safe, and secure spaces. OMNI’s cutting-edge solutions, including advanced technology systems and security optimization, provide the comprehensive support these institutions require.

By tailoring our services to meet individual needs, OMNI aids educational organizations in enhancing operational efficiency, securing their facilities, and ensuring compliance with educational regulations.

67% of parents and teachers are more concerned about school safety now than they were five years ago.

Service Offering

Video Surveillance: Crucial for overseeing school grounds and academic facilities. Video surveillance not only prevents vandalism and ensures adherence to educational standards, but it also offers vital evidence in cases of accidents, student misconduct, or other undesirable incidents.

Intrusion Alarm: Alerts staff to unauthorized entry, especially in sensitive areas like exam storage or administrative offices. Enhances overall security and is often a requirement for most educational institutions.

Access Control: Manages entry to restricted zones, ensuring only authorized personnel and students have access. This is key for maintaining the safety and integrity of school facilities and confidential information.

Fire Alarm: Essential for early fire detection and safeguarding students, staff, and school property. Rapid response is critical in a fire situation, so it’s important to ensure the school’s fire system is compliant with safety codes and functioning optimally.

Audio/Video: Facilitates communication, teacher training, and enhances the educational experience, including applications like digital whiteboards and multimedia learning tools.

Structured Cabling: Forms the backbone of the IT infrastructure, ensuring dependable connectivity for all systems, from student records management to security networks.

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