10 tips for Wet Weather Driving.

By: Tim Butler, 

Director of Safety & Compliance

  1. Wait until the weather improves if possible or pull over during heavy downpours.
  2. Double check equipment (headlights, tail lights, wipers and tire tread).
  3. Slow down to at or below the posted speed limit.
  4. Use your wipers even if the rain is misting or light.
  5. Keep a greater following distance than usual.
  6. Turn on your headlights.
  7. Avoid heavy braking. Try to slow your vehicle by taking foot off the accelerator earlier than you normally would.
  8. Watch out for standing water. It can cause hydroplaning which is when you lose traction and skid across the surface of the road.
  9. Let off the gas when hydroplaning. If your car hydroplanes, calmly take your foot off the accelerator and steer in the direction that the front of your car needs to go. Avoid making sudden turns or slamming your brakes.
  10. Ventilate your car by using your defogger function in your climate control system.